Steps To Take After A Work Injury 

While not every workplace is susceptible to injury, some of them are. For example, you do not usually hear someone breaking their leg or limb while working away on their computer on a desk job. However, some workplaces, such as the construction site, experience at least one minor injury every day. Injuries and accidents usually take place due to someone’s negligence. 

Under workers’ compensation, there are a number of benefits you can claim. However, once you sign the workers’ compensation settlement offer, you lose your rights to file a third-party claim. Therefore, it is important to seek legal consultation from RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers, before making a decision. Meanwhile, here are the steps you need to take after a work injury. 

Steps to take after a work injury

  • Seek medical attention. 

Getting immediate medical care should be your first priority after you get involved in an accident. Inform your supervisor and visit your nearest clinic to get help. Tell your doctor about everything that happened at the accident scene and tell him about the symptoms you are experiencing. 

  • File a claim. 

Make sure to make a claim for worker’s compensation benefits right away after your accident. It covers your treatment expenses for the injury that occurred and also includes any disease developed during the course of employment. However, make sure you do not miss the statute of limitation deadline. The time period to file a claim after a work accident is two years after the accident date.  

  • Gather the evidence.  

If you can, try returning to the scene after getting medical care and gathering the evidence you need. Remembering every detail about a work accident can become difficult. It is recommended to write down everything in a journal so that any important detail does not fade away from your memory. 

Try looking for witnesses at the time of the accident to strengthen your claim. Do not forget to file an official report on the same day of the accident to avoid any trouble during the claim. 

  • Hire an attorney. 

There are hundreds of thousands of attorneys in the United States, but you need one who is experienced to fight your case. Focus on finding a lawyer who has qualifications and positive past experience handling workers’ compensation claims. An attorney can not only give you time to focus on yourself but also protect you from being taken advantage of. It is not uncommon to see insurance companies fooling workplace accident victims and offering them a lowball settlement. 

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