Types of investment: check out the main ones and how to choose

The hard effort of saving a small part of your income needs to bear fruit and, for that, you need to invest a little of your reserves. Thus, you guarantee your financial security in the medium and long term. However, it is important to assess which types of investment are worth including in the portfolio.

Which option is most suitable for your profile? By the way, what are the main paths of the financial market? To clarify these doubts, we have listed some alternatives that you should consider, what are their advantages and risks, as well as tips for choosing the ideal investment for you. Want to know more? So, read on and check it out!

What are investments

The term investment is linked to applications that offer future profitability. There are several categories. For example, you can decide to invest in the development of a company, in the Federal Government, in companies listed on the Stock Exchange and in many other options.

In general, there are alternatives that involve a very high degree of risk , such as stocks and entrepreneurship, and others that are less risky, such as lending money to the Government or banks.

Such differences are explained by differentiating between fixed and variable income, and the greater the volatility and the difficulty in understanding the behavior of the asset, the greater the chances of losses. Next, we explain each of the concepts better.

What are Fixed Income Investments?

Fixed income investments, in general, have profitability and term defined right at the beginning of the application. Thus, it is possible to have a good idea of how much money applied over time will yield.

They function as loans to various institutions, which must return the capital you made available plus interest at the end of the agreed term. In this sense, it is possible to negotiate with banks and the government.

Fixed income investments are great alternatives for those who don’t have much knowledge of the market or for those who are afraid of taking risks. It is worth highlighting the importance of having specialized professionals to choose the best investments to compose your investment portfolio.

What are Variable Income Investments?

Variable income assets are those in which the return is not fixed and which may even present a negative result, that is, it is necessary to count on the possibility of loss.

Rather than generating a fixed amount of income, the return on variable income depends on the performance of an asset such as stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Therefore, such investments are considered riskier than fixed income investments, but also offer the potential to obtain higher returns.

In this case, to obtain good results, it is important to have market knowledge, the ability to evaluate company performance indicators and other relevant factors to determine the potential for appreciation of an asset.

Know 5 types of investment

The investments that we will mention below are distinguished by the level of profitability and liquidity. To be worthwhile, some, for example, must be yielding for a few years before redemption. See more details!

  1. Treasury Direct Treasury Direct is a fixed income investment: this means that, when you make it, you will already know how much it will yield within the agreed period. It is assured by the National Treasury itself, which guarantees its security.

Although its income is considered high, it has a liquidity problem. That is, it cannot be redeemed at any time without depreciation, but only on agreed dates, which can vary from 2 to 10 years.

  1. Letters of Credit (LCI and LCA) They are divided into two major types: Real Estate Letters of Credit (LCI) and Agribusiness Letters of Credit (LCA). Both are fixed income investments backed by the sectors to which they refer.

Among their advantages is the fact that they are not levied on Income Tax and have liquidity for three months to three years. However, they are considered profitable only in an 18-month period between application and redemption.

  1. CDB Bank Debit Certificates are operations carried out with a bank in which, basically, the investor is making a loan to the financial institution. They are taxed in the Income Tax and, therefore, it is worth thinking about longer investments, because the longer the time until redemption, the lower the tax burden. They are considered advantageous only for maturities longer than two years.
  1. Savings The most popular type of investment, savings are safe and affordable. Its big Achilles heel, in turn, is profitability: in some cases, annual earnings can be below inflation, which means you can lose money.

Even so, it is worth using it as an emergency reserve or as an investment in a very long time.

  1. Real Estate One of the types of investment to be considered. After all, we are talking about the purchase of a property that can pay off with its rent or on a resale. The investment can be made through a financing or consortium.

Have you ever thought about investing in fondos inversion oro.

The first guarantees immediate access to the good, but has a long bureaucratic path and long-term interest costs that need to be considered. In the consortium, in turn, there is no incidence of interest.

However, it is necessary to wait for the contemplation, which can happen at any time during the consortium, at the beginning or at the end. Even so, this modality is interesting for those who want to make an investment with low risks. tropical hero nguyen duy tri • acid madness • 2023

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